CNN’s Mudd: Trump’s ‘Sh*thole’ Comment Shows ‘We’re No Different’ From When People Were Called the N-Word

On Thursday’s “CNN Tonight,” CNN Counterterrorism Analyst Philip Mudd argued that President Trump’s “sh*thole” comment shows that America is no different than a generation ago from when people were called racial slurs.

Mudd said, “I am a proud sh*tholer. My family was called w*ps … I’m proud of that. We came when people from Ireland and Italy were seen as dirty people, dirty Catholics who didn’t belong in a Protestant country. Sh*tholers built this country, 110 years ago. They were called sl*pers and sl*nt-eyes, Chinese people who built this country. Sh*tholers from Japanese internment camps, stayed in those camps as American citizens, and that’s a legacy that we bear shame for today. Sh*tholers who escaped Guatemala and El Salvador, civil wars that we participated in, built this country. I worked for sh*tholers who protected this country after 9/11. George Tenet is a first-generation Greek. I guess he’s a sh*tholer. Jose Rodriguez was the head of counterterrorism at CIA….

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