Fewer Foreign Workers on Marthas Vineyard

In Vanity Fair this week, T.A. Frank published The Democratic Case for Restricting Immigration, which isn’t actually all that different from the Republican case. He’s no Trump fan, but he lays out his “vision of what might happen with a Trumpian immigration policy, a best-case theory for a world that admittedly tends to surprise us in practice.” He looks forward to higher wages for less-skilled workers, tax funds freed up for other purposes, less pressure on natural resources, stronger social cohesion, etc.  Frank isn’t new to this – he opposed the Gang of Eight bill, as well. But coming on the heels of deviations from the party line by Peter Beinart and Fareed Zakaria, we might be seeing some minor cracks in the open-immigration front.

Frank’s tour d’horizon of an America with a more moderate level of immigration is theoretical. Laura Meckler at the Wall Street Journal went to Martha’s Vineyard to see how it’s actually working out at this early stage. She describes it as “a small-scale, real-time experiment in what can…

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