Fiat Chrysler to Spend $1 Billion to Modernize Michigan Plant

President Trump praised the actions Thursday on Twitter: “More great news as a result of historical Tax Cuts and Reform.”

Fiat Chrysler disclosed its plans to modernize the plant, in Warren, Mich., on the eve of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, which opens to the media and industry visitors on Sunday. Fiat Chrysler is scheduled to unveil a new light pickup truck, the Ram 1500, on Monday.

For the last two years, Fiat Chrysler has been conducting a sweeping reorganization of its United States manufacturing operations in a bid to produce more trucks and Jeeps in response to growing consumer demand for larger roomy vehicles and plummeting sales of compact and midsize cars.

In December, nearly seven of every 10 new light vehicles sold were classified as light trucks. The designation includes pickups, sport-utility vehicles, minivans and delivery vans. Five years ago, the market was split 50-50 between cars and trucks.

The rapid shift has left auto manufacturers scrambling to make more trucks while cutting production at their car…

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