Hillary’s Danger Field, Part Two

Rodney Dangerfield is our guest again this week. He opens with this signature line: “My wife, she’s really somethin’. Her father died last week, and she had his body frozen… Every time I go to take a snack, he falls out of the refrigerator!”

We thought we had dispensed with Hillary Clinton already, disposed with her body of political work, dispatched her to parts unknown with other bad actors. She had long since corrupted the roles of First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady of the United States, Senator from New York, and Secretary of State. Through all this she hewed a road from Hell paved with bad intentions. She was always a candidate but never candid. She built a private server to enable her self serving, and it is impossible to classify her multiple devices. Her hard drive never goes lost and it is always bleached with acid.

As awful as she has been, we were content to bury her in the past where she belongs, in the graveyard of yesterday’s news. In fact, at the 50th Gala celebration of The American Spectator in 2017, the assemblage was heard to sigh a…

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