How New Emoji Get Added to Your Phone

Florie Hutchinson’s crusade against emoji fashion started last year, on the heels of the presidential election and the 2017 Women’s March. She’d been thinking about feminism, her three young daughters, the kind of world she hopes they grow up in.

Then one day, thumbing a message on her phone, a predictive emoji popped up. It was a shoe. Specifically, a red stiletto.

To Hutchinson, the stiletto seemed like an exaggerated, even sexualized, representation of women’s footwear. So she started looking for alternatives in the emoji closet. There was a pair of jeans, a button-down shirt with a tie. A dress. A kimono. Scarf, gloves, socks. A pink polka-dot bikini. A pink blouse with a generous V-neck. A heeled boot, a heeled sandal, and the red stiletto. Whoever designed the clothes for emoji women, she thought, must’ve likened them to Barbie dolls: hyperboles, with feet designed to fit only into heels.

An emoji is worth 1,000 words and all of these emoji have stories behind them.

Emoji proposal author Florie Hutchinson


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