How WIRED’s March 2018 Cover With Mark Zuckerberg Was Created

The bruised Mark Zuckerberg on this issue’s cover? That’s a photo-illustration created by Jake Rowland, a New York City–based artist known for his composite portraits. For this image, Rowland mashed together an existing image of Zuckerberg with a photograph of a hired model—made up to look battered—whose features resembled that of the Facebook confounder and CEO. Nicholas Thompson, editor in chief of the magazine and coauthor of the story, wanted something that matched the article’s thesis. Zuckerberg is in the middle of a tough fight, and he’s been hit like never before; but now he’s changing his strategy, in a good way, and he’s confident he’ll win.

Here’s what Rowland said about the opportunity:

“When WIRED called and offered to pay me to beat up Mark Zuckerberg I jumped at the chance. They wanted a portrait of a battle-torn Zuckerberg, but the only problem was he was not going to be there for the shoot. This required building a composite portrait. This particular image contains elements from four different photographs. Two were stock photos,…

Full story here



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