Imgur’s take on Snapchat Stories is for people who really love GIFs

Imgur, the hugely popular photo and GIF sharing site with over 250 million users, is the latest to board the ephemeral storytelling train.

Like the ‘stories’ feature inside Snapchat and Facebook/Instagram, which has cloned the heck of Snapchat, Imgur has moved into lean-back content with the arrival of ‘Snacks’, a new feature that sits at the top of its mobile app.

With Snacks, Imgur is letting users watched an ongoing array of GIFs in one sitting. When one GIF is done, another replaces it immediately to keep the experience continuous. Unlike Snap, the content is actually standalone as it appears to be pulled from Imgur’s vast library of content.

The result is something that is similar to Vine.

All in all, the feature seems ideal for Imgur users who are looking to fill a little free time, perhaps on the train or bus to work, without the hassle of having to manually find content. You can also follow GIF creators, too, making it a neat vehicle for discovery.

Snacks can be found under the ‘search’ tab…

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