In wake of Amazon/Whole Foods deal, Instacart has a challenging opportunity

Yesterday, Amazon and Whole Foods ruined a perfectly slow news day on a Friday in June with the announcement that Amazon intends to buy Whole Foods for almost $14 billion.

The most obvious victim of the deal was Instacart, in which Whole Foods invested and with whom Whole Foods has a five-year contract.

But after talking to a few Instacart investors and other sources close to the company, Instacart may have a real opportunity in the wake of this acquisition.

Not not a big deal

Amazon is a shark. The company has evolved over the past 25 years to become one of the greatest operational successes in the business world to date. And when a shark swims into your waters, it’s undoubtedly dangerous.

People with Amazon Prime memberships who have yet to venture into online grocery delivery were just given a trusted reason to buy groceries with Amazon. Whole Foods represents credibility for folks who like to see and touch their food before they buy it.

Amazon has invaded Instacart’s waters, but Instacart…

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