Justice Department Orders FBI Probe into Harvey Weinstein Sex Allegations

The FBI has opened an investigation into the ever-mounting allegations of sexual assault against Harvey Weinstein, the Daily Mail reported Wednesday.

According to the outlet, the probe came at the request of President Donald Trump’s Justice Department and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The Daily Mail reports:

While it is unknown whether the DOJ order came directly from Sessions, the move is likely to be seen in a political light given Weinstein’s friendship with Trump foe Hillary Clinton.

The move by the DOJ came amid rumors that Weinstein has plans to head to Europe for sex rehab – leading to fears of a Roman Polanski-style situation where he dodges prosecution in the U.S.

The FBI can both look at whether he has committed any federal crimes in the U.S. and prepare extradition proceedings if he remains in Europe.

Among the allegations against Weinstein, which the FBI is expected to examine, is that he forced Lucia Evans, a student who wanted to be…

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