Netflix tests pre-roll video ‘previews’ that are personalized to your interests

Netflix regularly experiments with new ways to introduce viewers to its own original programming, including through recommendations, trailers, and other featured selections on its homepage. The latest experiment, underway now, is the use of pre-roll advertisements that play before the show you’re about to watch. These are being used to promote Netflix series or movies that are live or coming soon, which Netflix thinks you might like.

The video previews are 30-seconds in length, and can be skipped by fast-forwarding (though there’s not an obvious “skip preview” button available). According to testers, the ads have been spotted on the web and select TV platforms, like Roku and game consoles.

The ads’ existence was first detailed by Cord Cutters News, following multiple reports on Reddit.

Netflix confirmed to TechCrunch that this is an A/B test of personalized video recommendations, one of hundreds of tests it conducts throughout the year.

A spokesperson shared the following statement:

“At Netflix, we…

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