New Study Shows Bay Area Residents Increasingly Distrust Tech Companies

In conservative circles, the pitchforks have been out for tech since at least the 2016 election season, with far-right media organizations like Breitbart and Project Veritas accusing the industry and its leaders of silencing Republican voices, advocating for open borders, and bankrolling Democratic campaigns. And yet, a new survey suggests that the tech backlash festering on the far-right fringes has also escalated on the industry’s largely liberal home turf.

According to Edelman’s annual Trust Barometer survey of California, there has been a steep incline in the number of Californians and Bay Area residents calling for stricter regulation of the tech industry over the last year. While tech is still the most trusted industry in the state and around the globe, there is a growing feeling in California and the Bay Area that the tremendous success these companies have had is not helping the average citizen. The outlook is especially grim for social media companies, which Bay Area respondents viewed as the most untrustworthy industry of all, faring even worse than…

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