Pinterest acknowledges Russia-linked political posts appeared on the site

Pinterest, the social media website known for bookmarking recipes or fashion ideas, was used to spread Russia-linked political posts during the 2016 presidential election.

Pinterest became a repository for political posts created by Russians actors after other users on the web “pinned” the content to the scrapbook-like site, the company acknowledged to The Washington Post on Wednesday.

It does not appear that the Russian operatives posted directly on the site, but their presence on Pinterest grew as users unknowingly bookmarked the Russian propaganda to their online boards.

“We believe the fake Facebook content was so sophisticated that it tricked real Americans into saving it to Pinterest,” Pinterest head of public policy Charlie Hale told the newspaper. “We’ve removed the content brought to our attention and continue to investigate.”

Pinterest follows a string of other companies that were used in Moscow’s disinformation campaign, including Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Facebook revealed last week…

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