Senate Intel Leaders Look for Better Security Before 2018 Primaries

Leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee hope to make their findings public on improving election security before primary contests get underway.

That’s what panel Chairman Richard M. Burr, a North Carolina Republican, and Vice Chairman Mark Warner, a Virginia Democrat, said Tuesday in wrapping up the open portion of the annual hearing on “Worldwide Threats.”

“It is our hope and our belief that before the primaries begin, we intend to have an overview of our findings that will be public,” Burr said. “We intend to have an open hearing on election security, and it’s the committee’s intent to make recommendations that will enhance the likelihood that the security of our election processes are in place.”

“It’s our hope that on election security we can come forward with a set of recommendations very quickly because we have primaries coming up as early as March,” Warner said.

While questions from senators covered hot spots around the world, the hearing never veered too far from issues arising from…

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