The FCC Shouldn’t Vote on Net Neutrality Until It Investigates Comment Fraud

When Netflix debuted the second season of Stranger Things on October 27, more than 15 million people watched the first episode in the following three days. But the strangest thing about Stranger Things? Its early audience was bigger than some of this year’s World Series games.



Jessica Rosenworcel (@JRosenworcel) is a Democratic commissioner on the Federal Communications Commission.

Today, we have an explosion of online video and countless other services because the internet is open to all. Anyone can use digital tools to create and distribute their work online. Despite the wild benefits of this openness, Washington is ready to unravel it.

On December 14, the leadership of the Federal Communications Commission is forcing a vote that will repeal net neutrality rules that require equal access to all content on the Internet. These rules prevent broadband providers from blocking access to websites. They prevent broadband providers from censoring content or from charging new fees to access the full universe of video and other services available online….

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