This ‘Mad Men’ Gets an Unapologetic Woman’s Sparkle

Credit: Amazon/The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

In “Mad Men,” we saw 1960s New York City primarily from a man’s point of view. While the show featured the polish and sleek look of its era, it also showed us the grotesque and the damaged, the ugly imperfections underneath that façade of beauty.

With Amy Sherman-Palladino’s new Amazon Prime series “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” we get to see the same New York City, this time through a woman’s eyes. And with Sherman-Palladino (creator of “Gilmore Girls” and “Bunheads”) at the helm, the vision is much more pink and sparkly.

Miriam Maisel (Rachel Brosnahan), otherwise known as “Midge,” is the mother of two, wife of a supposedly successful businessman, and daughter of an eccentric math professor and gloriously meddlesome mother. Midge grew up in a wealthy Jewish family with a sparkling apartment on the Upper West Side. After marriage, she settled into an apartment just a few floors below her parents. She loves hosting…

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