Thomas Aquinas College Goes Bi-Coastal

In what ranks as one of the most generous collaborations between two colleges, the Moody Center, a training institute for evangelical Protestants, has transferred ownership of almost all of its Northfield Seminary campus in Massachusetts to California-based Thomas Aquinas College, one of the most faithful Catholic colleges in the United States. And it was not a sale — it was gift. A gift as in, “Take our campus. Please.”

According to the Recorder newspaper of Greenfield, Massachusetts, the National Christian Foundation, the umbrella organization that owned the property, signed over about 30 buildings and half the campus’s acreage to Thomas Aquinas College. Emmitt Mitchell of the Moody Foundation, Michael F. McLean, president of Thomas Aquinas College, and Larry Edge, manager of Northfield Campus LLC (an affiliate of the National Christian Foundation), assembled at the Northfield school to sign the documents that deeded the property to Aquinas.

Speaking of the transfer, Edge said, “This has been a labor of love.… We feel very confident that we are heading…

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