Trump Again Waives Iran Sanctions — But With a Threat

Despite Donald Trump’s vows to kill it, Barack Obama’s Iran nuclear deal lives. The 45th U.S. president on Friday again gave a reprieve to the 44th’s pact despite his longheld stance that it is “the worst deal ever.”

Trump is again waiving sanctions on Iran that would jeopardize the nuclear pact between Tehran and world powers, according to senior administration officials. But it is the final time he plans to do so, they warned, adding Trump wants to negotiate a new pact with European allies that would re-impose sanctions on Iran if its government violates terms produced by those desired talks.

The Iranian government, however, would not be part of those U.S.-Euro negotiations.

He also wants Congress to alter existing U.S. laws that oversee how the federal government treats the Iran deal — but there is no sign lawmakers will do so anytime soon, or at all.

Trump also is slapping targeted sanctions on some Iranian officials, but has opted against applying the kind of harsh sanctions that would blow up the nuclear…

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