Trump Imperils Economic Gains as GOP Midterm Issue

Republicans have a platter of good economic news to run on in the 2018 elections: a surging stock market, a 4.1 percent unemployment rate, high consumer confidence, and weeks’ worth of headlines showcasing companies handing bonuses to their employees while crediting the newly signed GOP tax bill.

But they also have Donald Trump.

Though so much positive economic data helps Republican congressional candidates counter the traditional midterm headwinds a party in power faces, the president continues to step on his —  and his party’s — encouraging news.

This dynamic was on full display Friday when the administration and GOP lawmakers were faced with a barrage of questions over Trump’s vulgar denigration of immigration from predominantly black countries.

The day before, Walmart had announced it would slightly increase its minimum wage and also pay employees bonuses up to $1,000. (Other companies, including AT&T, Fifth Third Bank, Southwest Airlines, Wells Fargo, Boeing and American Airlines, have announced similar…

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