Why Not DACA and Border Security? And Why Not Now?

Immigration policy is a complicated issue. Or perhaps one should say immigration policies are complicated, since we have many different immigration laws and practices which interact in complex ways. I’m no expert on those policies, and in fact have adjusted my thinking about elements of them over the years.

But here’s a simple proposal that I think makes sense, that could get bipartisan support, and whose passage into law would be a good thing for the nation, especially at this point in time: Let’s legalize the Dreamers and enhance border security. Period.

This isn’t the moment to try to do more. The political system, especially in the current environment, can’t deal with too many moving parts at once. But the deadline for providing, or failing to provide, a legal status for the Dreamers is approaching. There is a consensus for legalizing them. But everyone also understands that doing so might send a signal abroad to bring kids here illegally, which we don’t want to encourage. So it makes sense to combine acting for the Dreamers with enhancing…

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