With Zuma Under Pressure, Police Raid His Allies’ Home

On Wednesday morning, journalists started gathering in Pretoria, the seat of the government, expecting that Mr. Zuma was going to address the nation at 10 a.m. But less than hour before the address was slated to start, his office issued a statement saying that no briefing had been scheduled.

According to officials who have spoken with Mr. Zuma in the past week, he has defied pressure to step down because he believes that he has done nothing wrong and that he still has enough support within the party. Political experts have also pointed out that by vacating the presidency, Mr. Zuma would make himself vulnerable to pending inquiries and corruption charges that he has been able to deflect as the sitting president.

The developments, as well as conflicting messages from leaders of the A.N.C., deepened the uncertainty surrounding Mr. Zuma’s future and the paralysis over South Africa’s governing party and government. It further complicated efforts by Mr. Zuma’s presumed…

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